Our network installation is quick and professional. Usually we are available the same week and immediately available for emergencies, such as computer, server or network problems.

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Computer Networking, Low Voltage Wiring, LAN Administration, PC Technician Information

About us: We broker computers, networking products and almost everything technical. Our company receives several requests for technicians/consultants all over the country. We are forced to charge a small fee to our consultants / technicians listed on this website because in the past we have lost track of nationwide consultants that went out of business or just stopped servicing our website visitors. This is an active national technical directory and I need people nationwide to service customers that purchased products from this website - the support service that you perform is FREELANCE. Please join me in helping people get their computers/network up and running.

What you need to do: This is a service related relationship; I need someone that knows how to service/install computers, networking and/or technology ONLY. You are responsible for paying the $5 annual fee, personal checks, money orders, credit cards, (Paypal subscription is OK), annual fee is so I know you are still in business. Otherwise your post will be removed from our website, we will assume that you are no longer in business and you will not be allowed to get back your current position on the site. We will not work with anyone that sells products (emergency parts are OK, but not online computer sales).

What I offer for you: Technicians/Consultants are listed by State in the order they sign up and each tech will keep their place in the list as long as they pay their annual fee. We will keep tech information updated as needed and promote this site daily to the search engines. This website currently gets approximately 1000 - 10,000+ visitors per day - and sells (monthly) anywhere from 100 to 10,000+ motherboards, memory, cooling fans, computers, laptops, servers and other computer / server upgrade products.

What you need to provide me:

Technical skills
Technicians Name
Company Name (if you have a company)
City, State, Country (International Techs OK)
Phone Number
email Address
Regional areas willing to offer support
(please include the cities or counties)
Hours Available
Any Foreign Languages Spoken Fluently
$5 USD one time charge

Address to send your information:
Upgrade Highway, Inc.
31858 Castaic Rd. #195
Castaic, CA 91384

Have your one time $5 listing fee charged to your Paypal account, make sure to include all requested information for a proper listing.

Look forward to working with you,

Janet Harvey
Owner, upgradehighway.com/towercitymall.com

Note: If we receive any complaints about a tech, they are immediately removed. Also, any techs that sell computers, parts or networking products online are not allowed to advertise with us, and will be removed. Local emergency parts are OK, but online sales are not since we are brokers we make our money selling online.

Payment Options:

We are Networking / Cisco / Computer Brokers

Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout & Bank Wire Transfer

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