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We are a small family owned business. Offering discounts and links to multimillion dollar deals. We have a network of wholesalers and take minimal profits to offer you the best deals!

Janet, Our Web Designer got her experience during the 2 years she worked at Hewlett Packard. Before that she worked at Sony (PlayStation) for 3 years. She also has experience working for companies such as Hitachi, Sega and Atari. This graphic rich environment helps her design a creative, graphic rich & professional website. She started Upgrade Highway in 1997 and has kept it going ever since building a client base of more than 20 companies. She likes the small business environment and works hard to keep those relationships alive.

Wes, My husband is a LAN Admin / Network Installer / PC Tech. He also worked for Sony and several other companies, large and small. Most recently he worked at a company and traveled to customer sites - usually alone to install and configure the network and phone systems. He is also skilled in putting together shared network and shared Internet for residential homes. He has 8+ years working with computers and networks.

Sean, One of my sons is a skilled, guru for Video Game bugs and QA problems. If you are developing a game and need testing, he can test on most systems and find bugs in a few days that most people in test would take a week to find. I worked at Sony when he was young and he would go with me. At 14 he evaluated most game submissions, found bugs and knew which bugs they were. He has worked at several major video game companies on contract. All platforms, Video Games only. Fair rate.

Steven, My other son deals with our banking, financial and security issues. He works part time as a private protection and crowd control for celebrities. His ability to handle large amount of money helps us with financial issues.

We have available staff for any type of project. The company also includes hosting companies, consultants and others wanting to contribute to our success. We are fortunate to have so many people willing to contribute their skills and talents.

We believe in listening to our customers and helping any way we can to get them what they want. Unlike other companies that tell customers what they can have, we offer options, explain what we need to get it accomplished and let the customers determine their goals for their computers, network or website. We are client oriented and let them set limits and goals - we then provide the technical experience to get the job done!

We immediately contact authorities if we get fraud orders, phishing for our private information. We get approx 13 fraud orders per month so we have gotten skilled at tracking them down quickly. Be prepared to provide wire transfer / payment quickly, delays always become notice of fraud. We do not collect or give information for a sale other than what is required to ship.

Need a PC Technician, Technical Support, Computer Hardware & Software Support. Check out our nationwide list of techs - each of them has the skills to install, upgrade and maintain your computer or network. Click here to see our current list of techs.

We ship from Florida and Ohio we also have a warehouse in Canada (we have a separate product list for Canada, let us know if you are looking for a product in Canada). Business offices in California - San Jose, Woodside, and Castaic (Los Angeles).

e-Mail: info@upgradehighway.com

Phone number: 408-627-3244

Need a Video Game Tester - Previously worked for companies like Electronic Arts, Sony and Namco - grew up in the business (parents worked at Sony & Sega). Real professional tester with a passion for games. Get your game out on time - with a clear professional bug report. Click here for more details.

Products Available While Supplies Last
Same Day Shipping On Most Orders

We are Networking / Cisco / Computer Brokers offering 4% over cost

Bank Wire Transfer

This website is protected by Scam Scanners & Detection - your information is protected at the highest level!!

If product is sold out, you will be notified immediately after order is received, we will not charge your creditcard until it is restocked. The same day funds are available / verified, the parts / memory will be shipped. If using a credit card with the same billing / shipping address we usually ship the same day it clears. No account with Upgradehighway.com required to purchase from us!

For Government, Education, and Business / Corporate Orders - email us your request for a quote. For all quote requests please be as specific as possible for faster response. For near wholesale prices on Bulk Orders (5 or more) request a quote.

We also sell vintage electronics on ebay, where we have the following status:

Powerseller eBay
Top Rated Plus Seller eBay

Don't pay high referral fees! To get more work!
Pay a $5.00 monthly fee to have your name listed on our site - reach people who are looking for a technician in your area to install the parts they have purchased on my web site
No commission charges here just great service to our customers.

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